With information being scrubbed from the internet by a small group of elites (people who think they know better and feel that they are smarter than you or I), it is becoming harder and harder to search out truth (lies are always easy to find) so that one can form their own opinions of what to believe. Even the so called “Fact” web sites are highly jaded to opinion. I found this to be substantiated when I see things that I know are true and “Fact Check Site” had the opposite to say. I started looking into who was funding some of them and why. I may include some links to these sites from time to time with possible commentary so that you might see the contrast to what they are saying and what I find out there.

I am always looking for truth, but in fact, it is not always easy to tell truth from ignorance, or worse, an effort to have you believe an outright lie to fit an agenda. Please don’t judge me, but rather the information that is placed on this opinion platform. Do your homework. I am providing info that you may not have known was out there in the abyss of the internet.

Please note that this is an information only site.

I will try to Post my sources as I go along. I’m sure, there will be someone to debunk anything I might say but need I remind anyone, this website is based on information that I find and any opinion I might have about it. Comments are left off for this reason. I, with many real and true journalist will say, “Don’t take my word for it, here are my sources, check it out for yourself.” Or… just go dig up more on the subject. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere.

Most of the info will be in the form of a blog post on this site, as the “post” platform is most searchable within this site. (Verses web page formats).

Lastly, I registered the domain and put this site up as of August 4th, 2020. As time permits, I will be adding what I come across. Please be patient and give me some time as I plod along with this endeavor. I would only hope that you would put a link to this site on your desktop and check in every so often. I am using a web site, because most social platforms are now opinion based as a publisher (illegally legal by the bureaucrats) and would most likely “scrub” or “de-person” me. This site will be spread on a referral basis by people who think it is worthwhile. I will try to keep metrics of traffic to this site to see how it fares.