Republic vs Democracy

Forms of Governments Video:

I do find it very interesting, that I can ask the question to most anyone, but especially the young, “Are we a Democracy or not and why?” The way I phrase it is to demand an answer or explanation. I find that almost always the answer is “of course, a Democracy!” I then ask why? The answers vary, but do maintain a very narrow theme; “We get to Vote” (paraphrased) I then ask, if they can show me anywhere in the Constitution of the United States, or in any of the state Constitutions where it says that we are a Democracy. (hint: it is stated nowhere in these documents.) I then point out, that all of the Constitutions spell out that their governments are all Republics.

As the video points out, Democracies do not last long when exercised. Our founding fathers made sure that was not to happen, and took the best from both concepts and use a democratic process to elect representatives to create law for our Republic.

Homework: What is the difference between a “Politician” and a “Statesman” and who is really representing us?

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