Conservative Celebrities

Impressive List of Republican Celebrities below.

It gives me some hope that there are some sensible people in the spotlight. Here’s is the list below and the source of the list if you wish to check it out. Once at the site, click on the blue “Next” bar for each person and Picture. It said “20 Celebrities” but it listed way more. I’m sure there are more in the wild of Hollywood after seeing this. (Warning, be careful not to click anything else and go down the rabbit hole!)

Denzel Washington
Caitlyn Jenner
Lindsay Lohan
Hilary Duff
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Kris Jenner
Stacey Dash
Brett Favre
Vince Vaughn
Melissa Joan Hart
Peyton Manning
Mel Gibson
Jessica Simpson
Drew Carey
Adam Sandler
Laura Prepon
50 Cent
Sylvester Stallone
Bruce Willis
Owen Wilson
Britney Spears
Nick Lachey
Heidi Montag
Kelsey Grammer
James Earl Jones
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Kelly Clarkson
Big Boi
Gloria Estefan
LL Cool J
Cindy Crawford
Shannen Doherty
Tom Selleck
Heather Locklear
Gary Sinise
Alex Trebek
Angie Harmon
Bo Derek
Juliette Lewis
Julie Bowen
Jenna Jameson
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Scott Baio
Mickey Rourke
David Lynch
Rachel Hunter
Leann Rimes
David Blaine
Kirk Cameron
Alice Cooper
Kevin Sorbo
Meat Loaf
Tony Danza
Pat Sajak
Chuck Norris
Kenny Chesney
Carrie Underwood
Julianne Hough
Dean Cain
Gretchen Wilson
Ben Stein
Johnny Ramone
Pete Burns

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