Good Videos to Watch

Where do you go to get information you can trust?

I would advise that you choose the brainwashing you get. (It is a choice)

I find it interesting that all of the sites below advocate “Trust but Verify” (paraphrasing using the quote by Past President Ronald Reagan). As always, do you’re own research. Look to verify the truth. If you find that several of the platforms condemn what you are looking for or have deleted it (censoring in practice), suspect a conspiracy by those platforms and keep looking for an open platform that will show it. A good thing to do is to watch one video a day with your kids and as a parent, discuss the content of each video and model the concept of “Trust but Verify” by looking up sources for the info covered. (Over 100 videos are now censored by the “big tech” media. (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as being some of the biggest).

The Candice Owens Show

The Blaze Video and Print as well as a platform for many commentators who like and love America and it’s way of life. (I have found this to be the most reliable news source out there. This is where I get most of my news from now.)

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