How Lies Turn to Truth

If you hear a lie enough over time, it becomes truth. (human nature in play) The problem with this is, when you hear the real and correct truth, it becomes foreign to you enough, that you dismiss it as a lie. When we think of the past, we think of lies as propaganda, such as what every dictator used to perpetuate their “lie” before a takeover.

The trick is what we call “keep an open mind”. I believe, to be able to keep an open mind, is a discipline. It needs to be practiced. We have all heard of it, but haven’t thought much about it. I implore that you do keep an open mind, and explore everything on this site, in depth. Hopefully, one does their homework and dig deeper into every topic exposed here to form the best “opinion” possible.

My goal of this website is “To perpetuate America and individual Freedom forever”.

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